A short guide to Baldwin door locks

Baldwin is an American locks and fixtures business that has been trading for more than fifty years. Widely considered to be an upmarket brand, Baldwin entry locks are prided for their classy appearance and quality workmanship. Baldwin offers a range of keyed locks in a few different styles and configurations, suitable for either the home or workplace.

One of the more celebrated features of Baldwin door locks is the oxide-coating they give their brass finishes to provide the effect of oiled-bronze. They claim that this patented process protects the surface and luster of their metallic-finish locks and handle assemblies, so much so that they have dubbed it Lifetime Finish T. Such is their trust in their workmanship that they offer lifetime guarantees on all of their products. As well as locks, Baldwin also supplies matching fittings such as porch lamps and door handles, Baldwin Stonegate locks being one of the more popular styles.

From a functional point of view, Baldwin entry locks provide reasonable security. Their locks will withstand simple and moderate picking attempts; however, a skilled locksmith will defeat these locks reasonably easily. The lock itself is resistant to brute-force attempts at cracking, with Baldwin even claiming some models to be immune to having the cylinder completely drilled out. No lock is completely invulnerable, and Baldwin locks are no exception, however, the mechanism cannot be defeated easily .

Baldwin dead locks or deadbolts are designed with two considerations in mind. First, they can be opened from the inside, even when locked, with a single action - either pulling the lever, or unlocking with the key will open the lock. This design philosophy is very important, as it eliminates the danger of tragedy during a fire or other emergency. Second, it gives consideration to the physically handicapped who may be inconvenienced when trying to manipulate locks with a less streamlined design, complying with government and industry guidelines for equal accessibility.

There are a range of keyed alike Baldwin locks available for purchase, also. Keyed alike locks are a set of locks sold in a set which are each keyed to be opened by the same key or keys. This can be especially useful for putting matching locks, both in style and functionality in multiple locations, be it your front and rear doors at home, or the doors to your offices or other work buildings. This saves everyone from having to carry around two, three, or half a dozen different keys for access to the whole building.

In addition to those features listed already, it should be noted that Baldwin offers pretty comprehensive support of their products, and a helpful website. Compared to Baldwin locks, discount budget door closures just may not be up to the task. Baldwin entry locks are an upmarket product, generally well made and aesthetically pleasing. Thet are guaranteed by the company to have a long life, so the extra cost just may be worth it.

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